Course will start on 27.07.18.

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Welcome to Class 1


Welcome to the first class! Class 1 focuses on introduction to the bioinformatics course.

Customize Your Experience
You can customize your experience in several ways:

  • You can watch the videos multiple times for a deeper understanding of each lesson.
  • You can read the text version for each lesson. Click the button above the video to access it.
  • Lesson activities are designed for multiple levels of experience. The first question checks your recall of the material in the video; the second question lets you verify your mastery of the lesson; the third question is an opportunity to apply your skills and share your experiences in the class forums. You can answer some or all of the questions depending on your familiarity and interest in the topic. Activities are not graded and do not affect your final grade.
  • We'll also post extra challenges in the forums for people who seek additional opportunities to practice and test their new skills!

Apply your skills, share with others, and connect with your peers and course staff in the forum. Discuss your favorite search tips and troubleshoot technical issues. We'll also post bonus videos and challenges there!

For an optimal learning experience, please plan to use the most recent version of your browser, as well as a desktop, laptop or a tablet computer instead of your mobile phone.